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I found this in afew places new point system
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28th Jan 2014

if you take a node thats say 10cp value your clan gets 10 cp for taking it (it then drops down 2 cp so if another clan then takes it straight away they would get 8cp (same as the old flawed system but instead of 1 cp drop its now 2)

If you stupidly hold and defend the node you then get 1 cp every 2 hours for holding it and its cp value increases (upto a max of being worth 50cp) BUT if another clan then takes it they get whatever its worth atm the time.
for example you took the node for 10cp, (it drops to 8cp) you hold it for 4 hours (1cp per 2 hrs) its once again worth 10 cp, if you then hold it for another 4 hours its worth 12 cp.

so there is even less benefit in holding a node now as the longer you hold it the more another clan will get for taking it.

the other problem with this system is timezones , as most clan wars still have mixed euro/usa clans you can now easily end up in a situation where you take a node, and because none else is playing hold it for a while and lose it when you go offline and find another clan ends up ahead of you due to the extra points

its the worst scoring system they have yet come up with, its got all the flaws of the original system but worse as the drop is now 2cp and makes the entire issue of time zone differences and clans not actually competing as they didnt opt in even worse.

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